Bob 7
2007 Update and sermon.
Since completing Bob about five years ago I have neglected my website but not the speakers.

The drivers and frames remain the same, but I have changed pretty much everything else.

I now use the Behringer DCX2496 for the digital crossover. It is more flexible as regards to creating custom EQ and high and low shelving filters and allows me to pretty much excactly do what I need to rather than fudge.

After much listening and measuring, I now cross over to a monopole sub below 40Hz for both music and movies. The sub is a DIY sealed box using another Adire DPL12 and is separately EQed using a Behringer DSP1024.

I've also simplified the rest of the electronics (kind of). I use a pair of Panasonic SA-XR55 digital receivers as amplifiers, driven through their 5.1 inputs.

The preamp is an Onkyo SR 705 receiver, although I don't use its built-in amps.

It has a bunch of nifty features including full digital SACD and DVD-Audio via HDMI, and has Audyssey Room EQ. I'm in two minds about the Audyssey as I have my own room EQ abilities, but it would be excellent for most people.

Music is played directly from my laptop via wireless iTunes, or I use a Pioneer DV600 universal player via the aforementioned HDMI.

This also upsamples video to an Optoma HD70 projector or Panasonic plasma.

I would love a full digital path to the speaker, but failing that am as happy as warthog in a mudhole with the sound.

No speaker I've heard in the past five years has made me desire to change in any way.