DIY Speakers
For the past 20 years or so I have had an odd fascination with music and the audio equipment used to recreate it.

This has been the cause of much pleasure for me, and much amusement for those who have observed it.

It has also proved to be a rather expensive little hobby when you combine the costs of buying music, and the costs of buying the equipment.

I played in an orchestra when I was at school, and have played sax in a band off and on ever since. We play ska and reggae, but my tastes range from classical to thrash to jazz, via pretty much everything in between.

My system has gone from a full analog turntable based system through valves and pretty much every other permutation. Along the way I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that most of what passes for audiophile gospel is a load of rubbish.

By this I especially mean talk of giant differences between amps, magic cables and such.

By all means spend up big on speakers and fixing your room, but the rest of today's equipment is generally of a uniformly good standard.

And if you want maximum bang for your buck, consider making your own speakers.

Thus endeth today's sermon. A collection for recovering audioholics will take place later.
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