Audiophilia Nervosa
As I mentioned earlier, I have owned a lot of audio equipment. I've now come to the conclusion that most decent amps are pretty much the same, and the same for CD players. And I've never believed that cables make a difference.

So that just left speakers as grist for the upgrade mill. And upgrade I did. You can see the speakers I owned over a three year period above, and that isn't even all of them - I had some Maggies for a while, and I'm sure I've forgotten some others. The best sounding were probably the Martin Logans with the Celestion SL6000 dipole subs, but they didn't play loud enough.

The Genesis V were almost as good and had the dynamics I crave, but I think Rosewood belongs on trees, not speakers and that they are butt ugly.

Gallos are very good, as are Newform R645s, but not quite as good as the others.

And the Wilsons had dynamics in spades but not the airiness of the Martin Logans.

Bob has all of the above qualities and more, and I expect to keep him or a speaker like him for quite a while.

You may wonder how someone can afford to own all these speakers who doesn't rob sharholders for a living. The answer is simple - always buy used. I bought all the speakers above used or demo, and managed to sell them for what I paid for them and in the case some a lot more.

The Genesis V, for example, retail for $15K and I paid $3K for mine. The Wilsons about the same. So if you must buy commercial speakers, at least buy them used.

The best places for used gear are and eBay, although I bought the Genesis and Wilsons from dealers. If you are interested in a particular speaker, do a Google search and you'll often find used dealer stock.

As always, the hunt is half the fun.